Heather Marie Jones


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                         Masters Degree of Fine Art from The San Francisco Art Institute


                          Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts specializing in Textile Design at

                          The University of Kansas


Related Educational Experience:


            Major:     Fiber Arts at the Kansas City Art Institute (2001-2003)


            Major:     Graphic Design at Kansas Wesleyan University (2009-2010)



2012 - Present:  Landowner in Southeastern Kansas

                                     I lease my land to industrial agricultural farmers

                                     Input, process, and output financial documents



August 2015 to 2020:  On-Call Preparator at the Asian Art Museum in San                                                                           Francisco, CA


                                     Art Handle (Install, de-install, and pack art)

                                     Prepare the galleries for viewing (paint, labels, vinyl)

                                     Build and paint cases for art objects

                                     Work closely with national and international museums

                                     Heavy equipment experience

                                     Teach new hires the museums institutional skills


November-December 2018: Contractor / IT Consultant

                                      Organize all of the land documents

                                      Communicate with the State of California on behalf of the owner

                                      Interface with the Department of Agriculture, Building and Planning,

                                      and Cal - Fire to gain required approvals

                                      Acquire missing documents and information

                                      Upload all of the necessary documents to the State website and submit it

Winter 2016:  Stagehand for Menlo Ballet's "Nutcracker"

                                      Assist backstage with anything set related 

Summer 2017:  Scenic Designer / Painter for The Woodminster Theatre, Woodminster, CA

                                      Design and paint the backdrop for "South Pacific" See portfolio for images

January 2015 to August 2016: Art Teacher at Drawn 2 Art in Los                                                                                                       Altos, CA

                                      Teach 4 years old to adults the fundamentals of 2D Art

                                      Mediums include colored pencils, crayons, chalk & oil                                                                         pastels, markers, watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints.


Fall 2013- 2016:  Artistic Coordinator Emerald Cup


                                      Cohesively decorate Sonoma Fairgrounds for Event

                                      Coordinate with producers for VIP, backstage areas, and                                                                   general public buildings

                                      Lead a team installing all decorations and furniture/ build                                                                   decorations

                                      Book artists and musicians

                                      Work with local charities for much of the furniture


2010- 2012:      Artist Assistant for Mary Anne Jordan at the University of  Kansas


                                      Assist in the creation of Mary Anne Jordan’s Art Quilts

                                      Help prepare sample pieces for lesson plans


2011- 2012:      Student Showcase Designer for Kansas City  Fashion Week                                        

                                       Design 12 cohesive new fashions for KCFW 2012

                                       Draft patterns that mimic my original concepts

                                       Incorporate my hand dyed and printing techniques

                                       Working together with models and their schedules to                                                                          produce a show

                                       Directing and organizing a successful fashion show



October 2011:   Painter in Tom’s Shoes “Style your Soul”


                                        Hand Painted images onto new Tom’s Shoes for the “Style                                                                 Your Soul Campaign”


May 2011:         Designer in the University of Kansas Cruelty Free Fashion Show


                                        Design two cohesive garments

                                        Experimented with hand application dye techniques

                                        Drafted and produced two unique dresses


           2009-2010:        Assistant to Laurie Wright at Kansas Wesleyan University


                                       Organized and cleaned the art rooms and offices

                                       Helped prepare lessons for classes

2009-2010         Secretarial Assistant at Norton, Wasserman, Jones, and Kelley Attorney's at Law


                                      Closed files, sorted mail, retrieved and put away case files





Summer 2017: International Liaison for "Hurry Up Slowly" for Burning Man 2017

                                      Helped Christiania, Denmark build and bring 20' wide x 33' long Hurry Up                                        Slowly Snail to Black Rock City, Nevada.  

                                      Arranged and reserved logistical elements for building international art in                                          the desert 

                                      Networked and reserved transport for the sculpture's pieces and camp

                                      Priced items and researched for best options

                                      Helped the build team in the development of the sculpture

                                      Developed the camps floorplan, and also assisted in building it. 

                                      Acted as the middle point for any issues during prebuild


Fall 2015 to Present:  RV Mural titled “Chaos and Order”


                                      Solo painting wrapping around an RV (see portfolio)


Summer 2015/ Summer 2016:  Ephemerile platforms


                                      Co-paint all of the platforms for the Elysium campsite at                                                                     Event titled “Ephemerile”


Spring 2015:     “Motifs”


                                       Presented at Lounge 3411 in Oakland, CA

                                       Solo art show


Summer 2014:  Welcome Sign to Burning Man


                                       Co-design and create the welcome sign to Burning Man in one                                                                                     week


Summer 2014:  Burning Man Murals


                                       Paint two large murals at Burning Man, one                                                                                                                   at the ARTery and one at the Center Camp Cafe


Summer 2014:  24 Hour Mural Competition, Reno Nevada


                                       Paint a 20 foot by 14 foot mural (original design) in 24 hours


Spring 2014:    Pre-Compression Event, San Francisco California


                                        Scouted and found Artists to install at the


                                        Helped them move and install


Spring 2014:    “Principal” San Francisco Art Institutes Graduating Master

                            Degree Exhibit


                                        Installed/Deinstalled at the Old U.S. Mint in San Francisco,                                                                 California


Winter 2014:    “Sound Squared” Collaborative Show at The Lab in

                             San Francisco, CA


                                       Wrote and composed a song to perform

                                       Created a sound object prop

                                        Installed a projection for my spotlight

                                       Created my costume

                                        Installed, Deinstalled


April 2013:       “Interwoven Connections” Collaborative Juried Exhibition


                                       Juried by Diego Rivera Gallery Committee

                                       Located at the San Francisco Art Institute’s Diego Rivera


                                       Suspended hand dyed spandex textiles from the ceiling.

                                       Exhibited my 6’ wide by 12’ tall Art Quilt titled “Hope”


Winter 2012:     “End of the World Party”


                                       Held at the Swell Gallery in San Francisco, CA

                                       Curate, install, and co-organize the exhibition

                                       Set up and tear down event


May 2012:                   University of Kansas Juried exhibit “+/-“


                                       Installed and de-installed my exhibit for the group show.

                                       Work with a group of artists to execute a gallery show


Volunteer Work:


Summer 2016:  Volunteer at the Black Oak Ranch’s Enchanted Forest                                                                                              Gathering in Laytonville, CA


                                       Help a team set up and down large public tents

                                       Efficient Team work and leadership

                                       Responsible for good safe work.


Spring 2015:     Volunteer with Pinewood Derby Extravaganza


                                       Assist with any needed tasks for pre and post event

                                       Worked the door during the event


Summer 2014:   Volunteer with Peter Hudson creating his sculpture for                                                                       Burning Man titled “Eternal Return”


                                        Spackle plaster negative molds

                                        Fiberglass negative molds

                                        Saws all negative molds

                                        Remove the plaster to reveal positive cast pieces

                                        Foam the molds to create positive cast pieces

                                        Glue and sand into smooth body shapes


Summer 2014:   Volunteer with the ARTery for Burning Man


                                        Meet once a month to discuss the event

                                        Greet and Concierge on the Playa for the artists installing                                                                                              at the event


Summer 2013:    Volunteer with the “Temple Burn” at Burning Man


                                        Keep the perimeter clear for the team to work

                                        Assist with the opening Fire Display Monday                                                                                       evening


Summer 2013:    Volunteer with The Flaming Lotus Girls


                                        Help create the sculpture “Xylophange” for Burning Man

                                        Texture metal, MIG Weld, Plasma Cut, and Fabricate Metal


Summer 2013- 2016:  Volunteer with Pyro- Spectacular’s 4th of July “The Flag” in                                                                 Concord, California


                                        Wire, load, and Fuse Hand-lit Fireworks (3’’-5’’ sizes)

                                        Hand Light Fireworks for the show (first day)

                                        Protect the person lighting (Second day)

                                        Tear down and drive back used Firework mortars and                                                                         casings after the show


Summer 2012:     Volunteer at Black Oak Ranch’s Kate Wolf Festival and GIA                                                              Festival in Laytonville, California


                                        Helped a team set up and down tents for concerts                                                                             and festivals


Fall 2011:                   Volunteer at Van Go for at Risk Youth, Lawrence, KS


                                        Assisted the students in their creations for the store

                                        Picked up students from their school and transported them                                                               to work

                                        Keeping a positive attitude to keep the work space fun

                                        Talked to the students and help them learn to communicate                                                              their problems in a relaxing manner.


Summer 2007:      Volunteer at Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville, CA


                                        Helped a team set up and down tents for Earthdance                                                                   



Publication:             Art Enthusiast: Sfai Open Studios


                                        April 2014


Publication:             Art Enthusiast:  “Photo Feature: ‘Principal’ San Francisco

                                    Art Institute MFA Show 2014 at the San Francisco  Mint


                                        May 2014


Summer 2007:        Eve in “The Diaries of Adam and Eve” by Mark Twain,                                                                        Mendocino, CA


                                        Memorize a two Actor, full-length play in two weeks

                                        Three weeks total for rehearsal, then we performed                                       



2011-2012:                     Undergraduate Research Award (Spring): KU


2011-2012:                    Sigma Alpha Lamda Member : KU


2011-2012:                     Scholarships : KU