Heather Jones/ Mix Media Artist

The goal is to bring elements together to create spectacles and allow for intellectual exchange between peoples.  At the very bottom of everything, in the ooze or foundation, it is all the same.  We are all the same.  


San Francisco based artist, Heather Jones works in as many mediums as necessary to accomplish her overall artistic visions. She represents strength, intellectualism, and the idea that with enough focus and dedication, anything is possible.  Heather possesses a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute.  When she is not practicing her own art she is helping other artists create theirs.  Heather challenges herself in order to grow and evolve, she is constantly learning new skills and ideas to progress her artistic journey. 


Hurry Up Slowly Photo.jpg

A big international art project from Christiania Denmark. My first collaborative sculpture with a group of people where we all worked as an equal team to bring this snail into fruition. My title was "international guide" and I aided in anything and everything to help bring an international art project to Burning Man. Tasks ranged from researching prices, cold calling, arranging water and sculpture transport to developing and building the art support camps floor plan and layout.